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Skill Level: Beginning-Intermediate

ISBN: 9781513468167

Price: $17.99


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New cello students nearly always start in first position aided by finger tapes or guides for accurate finger placement.  As they advance, they are expected to learn to shift out of first position, but the focus is on the movement of the shift rather than on note locations or pitch accuracy.

In this book, author and versatile cellist Halley Feaster introduces a step-by-step approach to understanding each position, leading to thorough comprehension of the cello fingerboard and a more confident and well-rounded player.

Together with its engaging video component, Cello Position Handbook shows advanced beginners and intermediate students what notes are available in each of 12 positions. Short exercises and excerpts are provided for practice in each location, ultimately enabling fluid performance without excessive shifting.

On completion of this volume, students will be familiar with what notes are available in each position and be able to move comfortably between them while expanding their repertoires.  Includes access to online video.

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